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Today’s hottest topic in IT circles is cloud computing. The advent of cloud technologies has been a game-changer for many. Despite that, we find many companies and business owners have two basic questions on their minds: What is cloud computing and can it help my business grow? At Pronesis Technology Group, we demonstrate how we make cloud computing work for you. Cloud computing is a simple, affordable and fully scalable IT infrastructure that alleviates many of the costs traditionally associated with business IT. Cloud resources store your data securely, ensuring it is accessible by you at anytime from anywhere on almost any device.

Pronesis can also provide technical support as part of your monthly service. Using the power and reach of the Internet, our cloud computing managed services provide the IT hardware, software, and data backup you require to keep your business running safely and efficiently.

Benefits of the service include:

  • No capital expenses (no ‘big box’ hardware required with savings passed on to you)

  • The ability to scale services up or down (grow your business as big as you want when you want)

  • No additional IT staff requirements (more savings for you) 

  • More time to concentrate on key business objectives (who can’t use more time?)

Our cloud computing services provide:

  • Built-in data backup

  • Secure data storage

  • A centralized management console

  • An intuitive web interface with built-in workflows

Enjoy all the advantages of an in-house data center without the expense and attendant issues of an in-house a data center. We help you eliminate the expense and worry about storage space, extensive technology setup, licensing or support. 

With Pronesis managing your cloud computing initiatives, you gain increased control of your business. Increase or decrease your capacity and capabilities as your business requirements evolve. And you accomplish this without needing to make significant capital investments. 

Our Tampa-based team of IT service experts are available to answer your questions. They monitor your systems continually, ensuring better efficiency, productivity, security and business continuity for you. 

You’ll have access to leading-edge, high-level cloud computing management attributes including server virtualization, continuous data backup, not to mention easy access to your business data- all delivered at a price that fits your budget. 

Contact your local IT experts at Pronesis Technology Group today to learn more about our cloud computing services. Benefit today from the Cloud Computing solutions your business deserves by calling 866-IT-Tampa.