Training your users to spot malicious emails 🐟

With threats like ransomware becoming increasingly advanced, a multi-layered security model is vital to protecting your business. Training your users is one of the layers- make sure they aren’t your weakest link.

We make it easy for you to test, assess and educate your users so that they can identify malicious emails. We help you:

•  Emulate basic and advanced phishing attacks

•  Easily create relevant campaigns and send them in minutes

•  Run effective training modules so users learn from their mistakes

•  Get comprehensive reporting that covers individual to organizational levels

Call us today to get your users trained.

Tips to ‘Spot the Phish’

  1. Unknown Sender- Always check the sender before opening. Messages coming from unknown email addresses should always be met with skepticism.

  2. Confidential Information- Hackers love to impersonate people to get your personal/confidential information, don’t give it to them. Always confirm you know who you are sending information to before you send it.

  3. Unexpected Urgency to Respond- “urgent, open now, respond now”  

  4. Prize or Reward Offering- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  5. Spelling and Grammar- Companies typically review email communications for spelling, grammar, and legality, among other things before sending them out. Always be cautious if you see any misspellings or poor grammar.

Phishing and training your users as your last line of defense is one of the best ways to protect yourself from attacks. Call us today to get started.

To learn more about phishing email attacks, or to report an email please visit:

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