Is Unified Communications right for my business?

Today’s business environment is much more complex than what it used to be. Companies may have multiple offices and employees scattered across the globe—all of who need to work as a cohesive unit. Remote workers use their mobile devices as often as they use the phone on their desk. According to recent data, more than 25 million U.S. workers telecommute at least 50 percent of the time. Salespeople are constantly on the road need the same services that they would have in their office, including access to voicemail and fax. Employees need to be reachable whether they are working from home, at a client site, or at headquarters.

Today’s companies need a boost in capabilities when it comes to their communications systems, but they also need to control costs. Unified Communications (UC) solutions allow companies to incorporate different means of communications into one toolset, replacing their legacy systems. UC features include telephony services, presence monitoring and management, Find Me / Follow Me call forwarding, chat, voicemail, unified messaging, and audio and video conferencing.

Today’s UC systems are designed with four major goals in mind:

• Increased productivity: By having access to a full feature set of communications tools regardless of their location, workers can remain highly productive. For example, employees can use features like Find Me / Follow Me to locate mobile co-workers without having to dial multiple numbers, text, and messages.

• Collaboration: Employees can use conferencing, screen sharing, and whiteboarding capabilities to communicate in real time, regardless of location. In the past, the same level of collaboration could only happen in the boardroom.

• Mobility: Workers are increasingly mobile, using smartphones and tablets to work on the go. Regardless of whether they are in a hotel room across the country or in a coffee shop down the street, workers need to stay connected. UC naturally lends itself to a highly mobile workforce.

• Cost savings: By investing in one platform with numerous solutions instead of individual services that solve a single part of the equation, UC systems can offer considerable savings over legacy solutions. Many companies are taking these benefits a step further and embracing another major trend: cloud computing.

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