Is your business prepared for Hurricane season?


You don’t wait until you’ve been in a car accident to get car insurance, why would you wait for a storm to be announced to get prepared.

Tampa Business Hurricane Prep

If you’ve lived in Tampa for a while, you’ve probably experienced a few named storms. Irma, Maria, Michael, Charlie and that’s just to name a few. Well, it’s that time again, June 1st officially started the Hurricane season. Its time to prepare your business for the season. Of course make sure you and your employees safety are your first priority.

Now as a technology company our goal is to keep you connected and your data accessible. To do this, we have a few suggestions…

  1. Make a Plan!- Have a list of employees’ phone numbers, make sure you have banking information, Insurance contacts and know how to contact your vendors.

  2. Power Protection- This is a easy one, make sure that you are plugging your equipment into battery backups or surge protectors. (Especially when you are located in Florida, the lightning capital of the world!)

  3. Prepare for water- Water during a storm can effect you many different ways. It comes down from the sky and up from the ground. Making sure equipment is covered with plastic, and picked up off the ground could end up saving you a lot of money, with not having to replace those devices.

Now here come the warning and disclosures .. Following these suggestions and tips can’t ensure everything will be OK, but it can help. Again, always make sure that you are keeping yourself and your employees safe and listen to the emergency departments in your area.  There are also some great resources online to give you additional information and help you better prepare your business, and

Amy Fabian