Ransomware Attacks are real- What can we do to help prevent them?


To stop ransomware you need to have effective, advanced protection in place at every stage of an attack.

Secure your endpoints

Sophos uses multiple layers of defense to stop ransomware in its tracks. Anti-exploit technology stops the delivery of ransomware, deep learning blocks ransomware before it can run and CryptoGuard prevents the malicious encryption of files, rolling back affected files. Intercept X works alongside your existing antivirus whether from Sophos or another vendor.

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Protect your servers

Server Protection includes CryptoGuard functionality to prevent the malicious encryption of your files, rolling back affected files. Whitelisting and lockdown permits only authorized applications and identifies what they can change - all other attempts to make changes are blocked. Malicious traffic detection stops ransomware from contacting command & control servers and downloading the payload.

Stop phishing emails

Phish your users! Send simulated phishing attacks to your organization, testing preparedness against real world attacks. Emails can be customized to your organization and industry and have been carefully localized for multiple languages. Detailed feedback lets you see how many users failed, overall susceptibility to attacks and more.

Amy Fabian