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Let us be your VCIO: Re-imagine your approach to technology

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By now, you should already have a vision of where you want your business to be in three, five or even 10 years. But do you have a strategic IT plan for accommodating that hoped-for growth? If not, here’s a question to ask yourself: Do you have an experienced internal resource serving as your CIO? 

Having a C-level technologist, such as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), to keep your company on the right technological trajectory is essential- but also expensive.   This role, which is typically accompanied by a six-figure salary, addresses cyber security, cloud computing, business processes, data analytics, software solutions and strategic initiatives, all while the CEO, President, general manager or business owner- you- focuses on reaching the next milestone on your long-term strategic growth plan. If there isn’t anyone already in this role, then it most likely also falls to you to figure it all out. Can you afford the time and resources it takes to do this the right way? If not, where can you turn? It’s a decision you can’t afford to get wrong.

A Pronesis VCIO is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining all aspects of your IT infrastructure while also ensuring that yourl systems are functioning with optimal performance and reliability.  Your VCIO brings clarity and focus to your business objectives first, offering a balance between the technology you want (the latest gadget or gizmo) and the technology your business actually requires.

Make the astute business decision to turn to Pronesis Technology Group today. After all, the relationship with your IT firm should focus on more than just managed services and helpdesk.  Your IT business partner must maintain a high degree of visibility toward your business goals while providing the robust technology support and solutions required to achieve those goals.  The simple fact is many managed service providers are really good at managed services (fixing and installing new equipment)- but frequently, they lack the vision, knowledge, experience and resources required to provide clients with anything resembling strategic direction.

At Pronesis, our Virtual CIO (VCIO) services are designed to provide your business with more than an IT plan; We also provide your business with a significant competitive and strategic advantage. An overall technology plan for your organization aligned closely with the daily functions of IT support enables your business to achieve that much desired traction toward achieving your goals. It also helps ensure you maintain your success once you’ve attained it.

Our expert Pronesis Business IT consultants are waiting to put their experience, knowledge and technology acumen to work for you. Let us guide you through the hard choices and decisions that lead to IT excellence. Call us today at 866-IT-Tampa.