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Let’s face it: nothing makes business owners lose sleep like worrying about the safety of their vital business data and information. With threats like ransomware becoming increasingly advanced, a multi-layered security setup is vital to help stop them. Ransomware is a $1 billion criminal business and a red-hot IT security topic. Organizations are searching desperately for trusted partners to help them both understand these hostile threats and build the best possible defense. If you’ve been searching for such a partner, the good news is you’ve found one in Pronesis!


Having a strategy for security and compliance must be at the forefront of every business operating plan. Let’s face it—if your organization isn’t secure and compliant, then your data, your business- even your customers- aren’t safe. Let Pronesis help protect your Business IT ecosystem from the growing number of hi-tech threats, whether they are automated, socially engineered, or phished.

Cyber security is an ongoing, hands-on effort. This is not an activity you can perform once a year and expect everything to stay safe and remain secure. Our advanced, automated monitoring system keeps us informed as to the safety and security of your IT infrastructure on a true 24/7/365 basis. This ensures we are always informed and always ready to protect and address any threats that come your way.  


  • Technology alone cannot prevent cyber attacks. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  • 24x7X365 automated security monitoring is essential

  • User cyber training is necessary to ensure everyone understands the value of regular security practices.

  • Leveraging security technology innovations to raise protection levels is a mainstay of our business.

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Today, phishing is big business and your data and information security is only as good as your weakest link- your people. Attacks have shown record growth in recent years. Advanced spear phishing attacks cost businesses an average of $140,000 per incident. Untrained, uninformed and underutilized employees continue to be the number one target for attackers and hackers, making them that weak link in the cyber security defenses of most organizations. However, an army of trained, informed and highly skilled employees with an awareness of the likelihood of phising and other cyber-attacks provides your business with a human firewall working effectively against these threats. Our user training software emulates a range of phishing attacks, helping you identify areas of weakness in your organization’s security posture. In turn, this empowers users through training that engages while it educates and strengthens your organization’s defenses.


Endpoint Protection goes far beyond signature-based prevention of known malware. Using real-time threat intelligence, this advanced technology correlates suspicious behaviors and activities. From malicious URLs to web exploit code, from unexpected system changes to command-and-control traffic, Pronesis connects the dots so your endpoints and data are always protected. The result is fewer infected computers and enhanced, superior protection and prevention from attacks and data breaches.


Managed Firewalls provide comprehensive next-generation protection exposing hidden risks, block unknown threats while automatically responding to incidents. Pronesis managed firewalls provide unprecedented visibility into risky activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats, putting control of your network where it belongs- in your hands. Providing you with the latest advanced technologies protecting your network from ransomware and advanced threats is our commitment to you- and we strive every day to offer you the best in class security solutions in the IT Industry.

Don’t let IT security concerns keep you up at night. Rest easy knowing the professional team at Pronesis Technology Group is keeping your Business data and infrastructure safe and secure. To find out more about our best-in-class security offerings, call Pronesis at 866-IT-Tampa.