Managed Services


When it comes to Business IT, the only question that matters is this: Are you running your IT- or is your IT running you?

Let’s face facts: Unless your business involves the buying, selling or developing of technology, it’s likely you find it difficult to stay abreast of rapidly evolving business technologies while still having time to effectively manage your business and ensure its growth.

That’s where we come in. Pronesis Technology Group applies its considerable IT knowledge and its deep business experience to managing IT resources for our clients. We do this through an approach that saves them not only money but also that most valuable of business resources: Time. Through our Managed Business IT solutions, you get back the time to do what you do best: Ensuring your customers are receiving the high-touch, high-quality products and services they rightly expect from you. After all, that’s why you went into business in the first place; It wasn’t to manage a server farm or build a highly skilled IT support team.

In a manner of speaking, we are the ‘aspirin’ that cures your IT ‘headaches.’ Why invest vast sums of money in capital expenditures for IT equipment when you can benefit from our state-of-the-art data centers and cloud computing? Why hire highly experienced and tech-savvy IT specialists at rapidly escalating pay rates when we provide you with our industry-best IT technicians and support personnel? Why spend your days- and many of your nights- trying to figure out an increasingly complex IT puzzle when we provide you with leading-edge solutions enhancing business performance while increasing your effectiveness and efficiencies? Why do any of this when we can do it all for you at a cost that will surprise you?

Pronesis Technology Group is your local Tampa Bay technology team, providing you with a full slate of state-of-the-art, leading-edge Business IT solutions we manage on your behalf. Some of our managed IT services include:

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Monitoring & Reporting


Here’s what our monitoring and reporting services do for you: They tell you either that everything is okay or they tell you about potential problems before they become real problems. Either way, you win! Because we monitor your systems on a consistent 24/7 basis, we come to know and understand the nuances of your network.  As a result, our helpdesk support technicians have complete system documentation at their fingertips.  When you call for help, you don’t get asked a barrage of irrelevant questions like an uninformed helpdesk would ask.  Instead, you get probing questions that lead to correct conclusions, right answers and problem resolutions, all because we know your systems, inside and out.


IT Business Support Tampa
  • That your backups are complete

  • If critical services on your server are down or restarting

  • That your security patches are up to date

  • If your power goes out

  • That your End Point AV protection is functioning correctly and is up to date

  • If your security scans have found anything harmful and where it resides

  • That your internet connection is unstable

  • If a drive is self-reporting health issues


  • The IT inventory you currently possess

  • That your patch status is current

  • When your warranties are due to expire

  • That your software license is in full compliance

  • That your drive space is filling up

  • Which users are logging into your system

  • What your firewall is blocking for you

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